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Geography Education

Completion Division Subject Code Subject Name Credit(time)
Core Courses GEO505 History of Geographic Thoughts 3.0
GEO511 Seminar on current trends in geographyI 1.0
GEO513 Seminar on current trends in geographyIII 1.0
GEO521 Topics on Urban Geography 3.0
GEO523 Studies on Economic Geography 3.0
GEO512 Seminar on current trends in geographyII 1.0
GEO514 Seminar on current trends in geographyIV 1.0
GEO520 Studies on Environmental Geography 3.0
GEO522 Seminar on Physical Geography 3.0
GEO524 Principles in Geographic Information Science 3.0
Major Courses GEO601 Topics on Climatology 3.0
GEO605 Climatic Geomorphology 3.0
GEO611 Studies on Institutional Media and Resources in Geography Teaching 3.0
GEO613 Seminar in Social Geography 3.0
GEO615 Topics on Transportation Geography 3.0
GEO631 Digital Cartographic Methods 3.0
GEO701 Independent Study on Geography 3.0
GEO711 Applications of Geographic Information Systems 3.0
GEO713 Tectonic Geomorphology 3.0
GEO807 Field Study of Geomorphology 3.0
GEO817 Studies on Urban System 3.0
GEO819 Studies on Regional Transportation 3.0
GEO825 Seminar in Political Geography 3.0
GEO827 Seminar on Methods in Geography Teaching 3.0
GEO829 Studies on Global City 3.0
GEO841 Quaternary Geochronology 3.0
GEO903 Studies on Contemporary Human Geography 3.0
GEO604 Seminar in Geomorphology 3.0
GEO608 Seminar in Rural Geography 3.0
GEO610 Topics on Cultural Geography 3.0
GEO612 Studies on Regional Planning 3.0
GEO614 Seminar in Population Geography 3.0
GEO616 Topics on Historical Geography 3.0
GEO620 Topics on Evaluation of Geography Teaching 3.0
GEO712 Seminar in Medical Geography 3.0
GEO714 Paleoclimatology 3.0
GEO814 Studies on Local Landscape 3.0
GEO816 Studies on City Structure 3.0
GEO818 Studies on Urban Model 3.0
GEO820 Methods of Regional Analysis 3.0
GEO824 Studies on Geography of Leisure and Tourism 3.0
GEO828 Topics on Geography Learning 3.0
GEO842 Remote Sensing and Physical Geography 3.0